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Design & Process

What you need to know


Change requests & scope of work


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Design & Process


For over 15 years we've been designing & developing websites and have developed and fine tuned a process and templated layout system that has proven extremely successful.

Our goal = build a website that serves your audience well and reflects your brand beautifully.

Our Process:

321 Website Now:

The initial setup fee covers the design template and detailed, easy to follow course you have access to guide you while building your website at your own pace.  You will have everything you need to build a beautifully designed and optimized website.

Let's Launch 4U:

The initial setup fee covers the time our website specialist spends with you selecting the best template and using that template to build your website while optimizing it for SEO.

Time Frame:

(Let's Launch 4 U)

The typical setup process takes 30-40 hours to complete depending on how much content we are adding and optimizing for you.  This 30-40 hours is spread over 10-15 days depending on how responsive you can be with us once we begin.




Change Requests / Revisions and Scope of Work

Once your website specialist has a draft for your review we expect a few minor adjustments or corrections.  We are happy to complete reasonable revisions to get your site the way you want it and launched in a reasonable timeframe.  Most of the time, because we communicated clearly and efficiently during our design process phase, the revision phase goes smoothly and doesn't take more than an hour to complete.

There is an occasional situation where the revision requests are excessive and take several days to complete.  This situation is outside our scope of work and exceeds the setup charge and timeline allotted for the project.  In this case ( which is rare) we typically charge a customization fee ($300+).  This is handled on a case by case basis and will be communicated ahead of time once the included initial revisions are complete and excessive requests are being made.





Your new site will default to You can keep this as your website URL or we can add a custom domain for you.

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A brand new site

Now that you have a beautiful new website you need people to find it!

Here is how to register your site with Google

Redesign of an existing site

While we design and build your new website to be beautiful, technically secure and optimized we also do a lot of behind the scenes work to clean up links, page formatting, navigation menus and the overall structure of your website.

Once we launch and your site is live it can take Google some time to re-crawl your site.  This means you may experience a temporary dip  in traffic while Google is rediscovering your new website.  This is normal.  Rankings will generally improve almost immediately but it is honestly out of our control as it all depends on how fast Google moves with re-crawling your new site.




Once your website is designed and live you will have access to our WooPal support team.  

Have a question?  Email us!  It's that easy.  We will assist you with advice, instructions or a jump start when you need it.  

We have a complete library of video tutorials, swipe files and advice in our members area and we are here to point you in the right direction.  

What's not covered:

While there are a few items we are not able to cover on our members support desk we will always offer a solution whether it is where to find the information you need or a custom quote to offer a solution that is helpful to your needs.  Our team is made up of professional technicians, graphic designers, marketers and developers.  We've got you!

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