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What We Do


Professionally designed WordPress themes sold in some of the most popular online shops


We utilize state of the art technology combined with creative design ideas to create beautiful branding that makes a statement.  


Beautiful design paired with the proper website strategy has been our mission since 2005.  As WordPress professionals we design SEO optimized, mobile friendly digital experiences.


WordPress Themes

WooPal Designed

WordPress Themes

Beautifully designed, SEO Optimized WordPress themes.  Our themes are thoughtfully designed for you to look your best online with a consistent look and feel.  Mobile responsive and plenty of opportunity to make them completely unique to your brand.  Save time and money with a WordPress theme!

As Seen in

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WooPal Designed


Branding is more than your logo... Branding is the entire feeling that your customers experience when they interact with your business.  From start to finish your customers need to know what you stand for.  We do this by creating a memorable logo mark and pairing that with the right font.  Once we have the signature mark we complete the look with colors, patterns, copy fonts, photo style and logo variations.  We package these design assets into a Brand Guide for you to share and reference for all your business media to keep a cohesive look throughout.


WordPress Websites


WordPress Websites

Since 2005 we have been building WordPress websites for customers around the globe.  We work closely with you to create a strategy that works best for the way you do business, then build it to be fast, SEO optimized and designed beautifully.  Our designs work with the copy to create a holistic and simple way to effectively speak your message... beautifully.

Who We are

What Sets Us Apart

Experienced Team

We are a family run business based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Our team is a professionally skilled group of ladies.  We are trained in WordPress, Adobe products, Funnel building and social media marketing.

WordPress & tech

Our senior expert WordPress designer has been working with WordPress since 2005.  Our entire team continues to learn as the industry shifts and with experience, skill and talent blends in the new to bring you the best.


Our entire team has been in the service industry for decades and still believes in good ol' customer service.  We believe in working with you as a team, educating and guiding to result in a successful outcome.


Our Team

Designing and creating websites, launching stunning products, making clients happy! We've done it all!

The WooPal team is comprised of experienced talent you can trust.  We are professional designers and digital marketers skilled in technology applications.

Designing Online Since 2005

Stephanie Cartrett

Lead designer for  WordCamp Speaker. WordPress Expert. Graphic Designer.

Since 2005 I have been working with business owners to showcase their brands and grow their businesses through professional graphic and web design.

Genesis Preferred Developer  

WordCamp Speaker San Diego 2017

For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs w/ Eric Verdi Podcast 

Successful Women in Business Global Summit: "4 Mistakes to Avoid When Building & Growing Your Website"


Annelise Jacobsen

Project Manager, Designer
Annelise is an artist and creates many of our new designs. Her specialty is in the wellness industry.

Katherine Cartrett

Operations Manager
Katherine keeps us organized and timely within our organizaton. Her specialty is business systems and runs her own non-profit.

Amber Hellwig

Designer, Social Media Manager
Amber is our social media manager sharing our work across the channels and teaching our clients how and what to post.
Need Something Specific?

We Create it!

We will build a solution that fits your specific needs.  With the span of skill on our team we are very creative in our digital solutions.  See how we can help you!